Health champion - My Story, Justina, Copes Pharmacy - Lambeth


I think I did Healthy Living Champion training 2 years ago, It was quite soon after I joined Copes team, remember Ash coming and giving me a big folder with information about smoking, weight management and etc.

He told me that I will have to go to this new training and after completing the test I will become a Healthy Living Champion. I thought its gonna be just a title to call dispensers. And after I completed the course and attended the training day, I did not feel any differences for a while. Ash was sending me to all sorts of trainings and he still does. I been to smoking cessation trainings, flu training, dementia, mobility aids training (not sure how it's called but we were introduced to all those furniture bits for people who have difficulties, how furniture pieces work and how to install them), I can't remember all the trainings I been to but my favourite was Health Check training! Becoming a healthy living champion really changed my role in the pharmacy. I feel more important and appreciated by the pharmacist because it's only him and me can do services like smoking cessation or health checks. So if I am not in he has to do it himself and it reduces his time to do services like MURs or to do his daily tasks.

It is very beneficial to me personally, to be a healthy living champion and to go to all the trainings, because I develop new skills, meet new different people who bring something new to my personal life, for example during the health check while we had to wait for cholesterol results we chatted with a lady and a told her I want to learn to knit so she said she can teach me after work! Also I met couple really nice healthy living champions, exchanged contacts, and we share our experiences and also give and get good advises and support!

Smoking cessation training gave me ability to help people to stop smoking and by helping ours I helped myself to stop! I still don't smoke and thing it's the most stupid thing that people can choose to do with their life's and body's.

It's great to be more than just a dispensing assistant, love to meet new people and help them, help to understand that healthy living means and help to adopt new habits and change their life's.

I wouldn't be here where I am now without my pharmacist's, Ash's and all my team's help and support, I was scared to start smoking cessations, I didn't know how to approach people and what to tell them to show how smoking is bad for us. I even don't talk about health checks, where's no word to describe I how felt when Ash told me I will have to take blood (I have blood fear, I should say I had). And it was not easy at first! But with help and support everything is possible and now I am great at promoting our services, great at caring them and I love my role! Experience comes with time. And we become masters at our roles but where's always new things to learn and I am still learning!

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