The commitment to CPD

  • The Professional development Passport can be used as further evidence for pharmacies using innovation to develop and maintain the skill sets of their team.


  • In addition pharmacies will be able to demonstrate their commitment to public health.

  • Further Evidence for commissioners to use pharmacies for delivering services with a highly skilled team.

  • Pharmacies are primary contact for many patients and carers, equipping pharmacy staff with additional skills, will lead to improved experiences and outcomes for patients and the local community.

  • Further development of communication skills, will lead to increased engagement with all stakeholders, especially other primary care providers which is vital in the new emerging health care system.

  • Benefit of investing into further up lift of skills, would essentially lead to a model where health champions can continue their professional development and become mentors & leaders in their own respectful roles, and therefore continue to facilitate public health services and community health interventions, from a ground level.

  • The CPD passport would be common across all south London pharmacies, and therefore candidates being able to take their skills and qualifications to new roles.

  • The CPD passport would be facilitated by the Health champion website.
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